Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Love letters...

..not from ME! Haha.  As if.

No, it's Bronte who has been writing love letters, and the lucky recipient is James (or Jaims if you like?), my sister's 20-something son that Bronte (and Megan) fell in love with last summer when we went to Bexhill for my Mum's 70th birthday.

Awww.  Cute xx

PS Remember her letters to Mary Berry and The Queen?

Monday, January 26, 2015


Sometimes little notes are quite possibly the loveliest thing you can find.

Especially if they are from Bronte.


Are you lucky enough to get little notes, too?  xx

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bronte the Leopard

Bronte loves masks.  As you can see...
She made this one at school this week, and came home to tell us that she was a leopard.  And a very scary one at that!
Don't be too scared...she was just pretending! xx

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Book Review: Daughter by Jane Shemilt

I wasn't so much bothered by the title of this book, but it was the synopsis that grabbed me on this book, and begged me to read it - now.  I have never read a book by this author before, so I had nothing to compare it to, and I did not know what to expect.

Daughter by Jane Shemilt

Synopsis (taken from Amazon):

When a teenage girl goes missing her mother discovers she doesn't know her daughter as well as she thought in Jane Shemilt's haunting debut novel, Daughter.


She used to tell me everything.

They have a picture. It'll help.

But it doesn't show the way her hair shines so brightly it looks like sheets of gold.

She has a tiny mole, just beneath her left eyebrow.

She smells very faintly of lemons.

She bites her nails.

She never cries.

She loves autumn, I wanted to tell them. She collects leaves, like a child does. She is just a child.



Naomi is still missing. Jenny is a mother on the brink of obsession. The Malcolm family is in pieces.

Is finding the truth about Naomi the only way to put them back together?

Or is the truth the thing that will finally tear them apart?

My review:

This book is really amazing, and was very well written.  I think it's a really great idea for a book - the subject background was a very 'emotional' but it was written very well, and I was very impressed with how well this was written about.

Jenny is the mother of a fifteen year old girl who goes missing, and the book itself is written in chapters marked either 'x days before' or 'x months after' the event of her daughter going missing.  It either details the days leading up to, or the months after the actual disappearance.

At some point you wonder if there will ever be closure on the story, but eventually the pieces come together and reach a rather unexpected conclusion.

I would highly recommend this book.  I would actually like to read further books from this author.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Poorly Bronte!

You might have noticed in yesterday's post that Bronte's face was a little puffy.

I collected her from school last night, and immediately noticed her face was a bit puffy.  In fact it looked like she was eating a big sweet.  I poked her cheek and asked what she had stuffed in there, but it wasn't anything?!  Upon closer inspection, her cheek was all puffy.

I was quite confused and didn't know if it was a doctor issue or a dentist issue.  I took her to the Pharmacist who said she would need to be looked at by either, and it was more than likely an abscess.  I called the doctors and it would be 2-3 hours just for a CALL BACK and still no guarantee that she would even be seen.  On the off chance, I called the dentist, who said if I could get there NOW then she would be seen before they close.

Luckily we left immediately and sure enough an abscess was diagnosed.  Antibiotics were prescribed, thank goodness.

Getting her to take the medicine was another matter as she doesn't like the taste, but hey, we will get there.  I am just thankful that she managed to get seen OK on the night she needed to.

Fingers crossed she is feeling better in a couple of days xx

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bronte's friendship bracelet!

Bronte came home from school today with a little loom band friendship bracelet given to her from a little boy in the year above.

He has personalised it with her name, although he ran out of N letters and so he improvised with an upside down U!  Bless him.

She really likes it, and I think it was incredibly sweet of him.  :o) xx

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Bronte loves SHOPKINS!

Bronte discovered Shopkins in around November of last year.  They are little collectable figures which come in 2 packs, 5 packs, 12 packs and also in collectable sets such as a supermarket, bakery and fruit and veg stall.

They depict things such as fruit, vegetables, bakery items and household items.

Admittedly, they really are quite cute.  :o)

Anyway, she is really in love with these little things!  They are improving her reading skills as she is checking their names on the checklist.

She does, however change her mind every now and then as to who are her favourite ones!

If you want to find more about them, you can have a look on Shopkins World.
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