Monday, April 14, 2014

Bzz Agent Review: Toffee Crisp Cereal

B was very excited that we got invited to the Toffee Crisp cereal Bzz campaign.  He loves getting to write reviews, and thought it was fab that he got to try some yummy cereal this time!
We were asked to try the new Toffee Crisp cereal, and share our thoughts.  This arrived in a pack, and we also received a pen, notepad and some money off vouchers to be redeemed against our future purchases.  This is a picture of was what we received:
'Not looking forward to getting out of bed in the morning? We all know the feeling.

Try sweetening up the start of your day with a bowlful of NestlĂ© Toffee Crisp cereal! Based on the delicious taste of the nation’s much-loved Toffee Crisp chocolate bar, we think you’ll find it irresistible. Toffee Crisp cereal is made with delicious crispy, crunchy toffee and chocolate cereal pieces. Just add milk and get stuck in!'
It looked good.  Toffee Crisp cereal looks a bit like this in the bowl (before milk!):

B is a huge fan of sugary cereal, and he pretty much ate the whole box! 
As B was the main tester for this, I will let him tell you all about it.  This is what he said: 'I like the part where it is called Toffee Crisp because it says on the box that it is a 'toffee and chocolate cereal' and it really is what they say because it has toffee balls and chocolate cereal.  The toffee balls aren't too sweet, and the chocolate isn't too sickly, they combine together very well to create a lovely cereal.  I know this cereal would not be healthy to have every day, nut I have enjoyed having it as a little treat.  I would like to have this cereal again.  It was yummy!'
M said: 'it is too sweet and I don't really like chocolatey cereal' so it was a thumbs down from her, unfortunately.  Bronte had a bowl but although she said she liked it, she left some of it.  I had a couple of spoonfuls and it was very sweet.  I have no idea how B managed to eat a huge bowl!  Sadly, it certainly wasn't for me, either.
The 330g box recommended that this would give 11 servings, however B liked the cereal so much, and his portion sizes were so much bigger that it didn't last half this.  Unless it is on offer, at £2.49 a box I think this will end up being a very rare treat.  It is just too expensive - especially with only one child liking it, and liking the amount of cereal per portion that he did!

Disclaimer - for being a registered member with BzzAgent I got invited to the Toffee Crisp cereal campaign whereby we were sent the above stated items in return for our honest view of the product.  The opinions expressed are our opinion of the product in question, and we have not been influenced in any way.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Aycliffe Petting Zoo!

Today there was a special fundraising event, and it involved a petting zoo!

It was really a fundraising event to raise awareness of the change in law which  means that all dogs need to be micro-chipped.  There was a free service for people to take advantage of.  There was also face painting, raffles and a bouncy castle.

The petting zoo was quite small, but we saw some very nice animals - a toad

and a tortoise.

A wise old owl

and some baby chicks.

Spiders and rabbits.  And a Bronte!  Just kidding...

Two guinea pigs called Bubble and Squeak.

B found a new friend - a BOA CONSTRICTOR!

Yes, that is a REAL snake!  He was very brave.  I didn't even want to go anywhere near the snakes.  Yuk.  But he was really interested, and spent a long time with the people there with them, asking them all sorts of questions.  He had a lot of fun, he said.  Which I thought was very nice.
And....B won the raffle.  An Easter Egg, which he donated to a very worthy cause....

Miss Bronte!
We had a lovely day.  The children had fun as we went along with Bronte's friend from school. 
Have you gone anywhere nice during the Easter holidays? xx

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Me and Him!

I don't post many photographs of myself, as I *hate* having my photograph taken - I always look awful.

Anyway, for those of you wondering what Phil and I look like, here is a picture for you:


It's one of Bronte's drawings really, and she tells me it is of me and Phil.  I am not sure why Phil looks like a monkey.....?!

I hope this made you smile as much as it did me.  xx

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Bronte's Monster High Onesie

Bronte was quite slow to want a onesie.  I got one as a joke from P at Christmas, and then B and M got theirs and she was still protesting that she didn't want one.  She said they 'were for babies'.
And then, she gave in and we got her a Peppa Pig one!  She loved it.  Then M got a Monster High one for her birthday and Bronte wanted one like it.  So....
She was too excited when it arrived, and she tried it on over her clothes!
The Monster High onesie is from Argos.  She loves it.  Bronte says that her and M look 'like twins' in their oneies together!  M isn't as impressed at having the same one as her sister, though. lol

If you are quick, the onesies are currently on offer at half price - only £7.49 each.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Review: DC Super Friends books

I was recently asked if we would like to review some DC Friends books, which are adventures with Superman, Batman and other DC Super Friends characters.  Bronte loves anything to do with reading, so we said yes.
Bronte received two Colour First Reader books - Crime Wave! and Hero Havoc! (RRP £3.99 each), My Wipe-Clean Activity Book (RRP £3.99) and The Super Friends Sticker Book (RRP £3.99).
She was really happy with the books, they were of good quality and I feel they were very reasonably priced.  The First Reader books are described as a 'fun and exciting story...perfect for children who are just learning to recognize words, basic vocabulary and short sentences'.  They were exactly that, although she is not far into her learning to read journey, she was still able to appreciate some of the story, the rest we read together.  It will not be too much longer before she can read the books by herself.
The sticker book and the wipe-clean activity book were great fun, and she spent a lot of time with these, the wipe-clean books are a particular favourite of hers, for hours of fun.  They keep her entertained with the various activities that can be done over and over again with the special wipe-clean pages.
Although the books were based around Superman and Batman to name just two, Bronte did enjoy them, so I definitely think they would appeal to all children.  Overall, these books get a huge thumbs up from us!  :o)

Disclaimer - for the purposes of writing a review, we were provided with the above items free of charge.  This post is an honest opinion of the products we received.

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